On a whim one night in September around 23:25.

En gros.

I met so many new faces this semester. They are the water in which I saw my reflect. The mirror image of the truth. Big words that I mean. So move to something unknown is simply the best thing to learn about yourself.



Copy of Michelangelo's drawing - Sept/0ct 2011

I think I have an idea of a back musculature now. We had to really take care about the explanation of bones and muscles. Always thanks to the Bammes book.


Freestyle (Sept. 2011)

You have to forget the outline (Sept. 2011)




One foot - Two feet

Long study of Mette's feet with the Bammes book - Sept. 2011

Ink and water (June 2011)



Pencil illustration "Dancing in the dark" - July 2011

What is that ?! For 5 months we had to participate to this crazy meeting every morning between 8:00 and 8:30. "Had to" because if we were not we were not allowed to be in class in the morning. Anyway. What is the point : a common awakening. For 30 minutes on cool playlists we have had to move, dance ... just express ourselves on the music. Which meant for a lot to not be shy and to not care about the fifty other people who are dancing around you. Such a crazy experience because finally it became essential for all of us to dance every morning. Essential during the day because it made us begin the journey in a really good and unstressed mood. So : DANCE !

Evening croquis (Aug. 2011)



9 hours to try to understand how it works. My sight got confused. I was learning for the first time. 

Je suis liquide (Sept. 2011)

Time marches on and she was going quite deep into this new water.

It's oh so quiet (Aug.2011)

Model - Long studies - Understand the 3D

After getting more reassured about sketches we had to understand the human body more deeper. Here are my first long studies (2-3 hours) and a passage through the "boxes-process" in order to understand that the model is not floating but standing in a space. We were around the end of August (2011). I saw new things for the first time.



RHIZOME is my first animation. Totally handmade and made in February 2011.

First homework - the Orange (Aug. 2011)

I love it.

Viborg is a nice city. There is actually everything we need. But the crazy thing is the weather. I mean, I've never really seen a place where in a day you have all different kind of weather. Rain-sun-wind-snow-rain-clouds-fog-sun-drizzle-hail-clouds-rain-sun [...].

Dynamic (3 min with pastel. Sept 2011)



September 2011 - one of the first pastel drawing.



Observe and learn.