While I was working as a seller in an organic shop near my hometown my bosses asked me if I could find some ways to "dress" their new shop. I decided to set myself a goal which was to create big wall paintings. I had "carte blanche" concerning the content of them so I just let my hand go through these new volumes and mediums... It has been a real self-transcendence to be able to finish them and be proud of them. Now they exist and live with the place and the people that run it. The pictures are not very good but you get the idea*

run run run (last friday TV-croquis) and the seaweed principle*



Composition/Construction/Perspective (first week at TAW)

Evening Croquis 20.09

Learning construction* first week at TAW

It has been now almost a month that I am studying Character Animation at TAW and I can only say that my life would not have been more better than now. This is hard to be at my best in everything but I know that I am taking my time to understand everything properly and carefully. After 2 weeks on a great teamproject and a week working on construction and perspective, we finally got into animation basics. I do not realize yet how lucky I am to be where I am today, surrounded by so many amazing persons, taught by great teachers… I am looking forward to see where it will take me. I will be happy to show you my artwork and how I will be able to evolve through the amazing animation world.


It is movingggggg!!! It is such a joy to see my little lines alive and this is only a beginning*


the Jungle Boom

Here you have my dear fellows : the final product of our first two weeks at TAW. The assignment was to create a 30-seconds short based on a soundtrack previously imposed by our teachers. So I worked with  four of my wonderful new classmates and we splitted our production between eachother. I worked on some character design and animation with Photoshop and After Effect. It was a GREAT beginning in this field and a super experience as a team member. Thank John, Troels, Sara and Martin : WE ROCKED.