First week in Viborg - August 2011

Seriously, I can tell you a bit more about myself. After a long period in a french high school, I felt ready to spend my whole time working on what I had (and have) always lived for: drawing. I went to [l'Ecole Estienne] in Paris, where i was immersed in the wide world of the applied arts. There, I learned a lot but still I didn't feel complete. You can see the things I did during this year here - la MANAA d'ESTIENNE - . After this crazy year in Paris, I tried to apply in different animation schools. I have always been  interested by movement, rhythm and space. Animation just combines all of these. It is likewise a way to go further through the exploration of your capacities in drawing and the understanding of physics. I've never been mad about mathematics, physic or whatever, but these are just too fascinating. I failed most of the animation contests because I guess i wasn't ready yet to start working in this field. I decided to find a place where i could both improve my drawing skills and learn more about myself. I found this danish school called The Animation Workshop which proposed as well as good animation bachelors a semester of classical drawing in a section called The Drawing Academy. The solution was there. I just left my life in France and went in this crazy danish town called Viborg - place I'd never heard of before - a total renewal. This blog is at some point the result of my awakening because since the first day in here my life totally changed.

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  1. Uuuurgh I can't find the way to become a member of this blog ! Tu t'es créée ton profil blogger?

    Sinon, LOVE thiiiiis eheheheh